Monday, January 15, 2007

6th 203km (with Ngae)

For the first time, I had company for my 203 km ride.
Actually, Chew, Japanese Sam , FRIM Ironmen started a bit earlier.
Many other Triathletes around but I don't know where they went.

No sun at all, Ngae was disappointed (not tough enough). It is a pleasant ride.

As I had company, the stops were really long (TRAS, Gap - 42 mins, Bentong - 2 mins then waited at Genting Sempah). Totalled about 1 hr. Normally I only need 32 mins to 45 mins when on my own.

But the cycling splits were all easily PBs.
Total cycling time was 8 hrs 40 min versus 9 hr 8 min before.
Climb to Gap was 1 hr 16 min versus 1 hr 26 min
Bentong to GS was 1 hr 33 min versus 1 hr 41 min

Its different when u have company and there is no sun.
Ngae was better than me eg. 1 hr 30 min from Bentong to GS and he easily beat me to the Gap. He spins effortlessly, all the spinning classes in the gym.

The Ironmen from FRIM didn't have a good ride. We only saw them when we coming down from the Gap. Apparently they had durian stops. For the first time in my life, I got back from a ride before Chew, Sam. One Ironman apparently "fainted" near the Gap. They even had a beginner cyclist who I saw couldn't cycle in a simple straight line up to Gap. I wonder what time he got back.

I don't train a lot. During the week I only did swims of 300m, 1.2 km and 2.6km and one treadmill of 40 mins.

I've purchased a free Air Asia ticket to Bali on 21 June 2007. The Tri is on 24 June 2007


aniz said...

hi there!! how's things going on... family, new office & training, etc etc.. u doing the ironman langkawi again this year? know wat, i'm still keeping safely the ironman 2002 towel u gave me.. intact, unused... that's a token of inspiration!!

sofiantriathlete said...

Hello Anis

Everthing is OK.
All ready for Langkawi (target just to complete la)
Can't remember I gave u a towel.

Take care, can swim or not u?

azhar said...

whaaaa gila la lu oldtimer!!

Me said...

me? swim yes can, but to race, not ready yet, to improve my strokes.
u gave me the ironman towel & the bag..