Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Day 203 km

This is my third ride to Fraser Gap resthouse, exactly the same ride.
Started at Hospital Orang Asli. Sunny was there and he explained how he was upended into the air near the Genting Sempah roundabout.
Sunny left first, I didn't catch him, so he must still be ok. My climb was one minute slower than normal.

Went straight down to Bentong. Even though it was a hot day, decided not to stop for water at Bentong. Kept on going. Sure enough I soon ran out of water. I didn't stop at Kg Sang Lee. Made it to TRAS, but I was feeling lousy.
Saw two cyclists resting, Wow.
As I was climbing the two cyclists (wearing white jerseys) came blew by me. They were fast. They were going to Fraser Hill.
It was a strugle for me to reach the rest house. It took me 5hrs 1 min (personal worst) vs 4 hr 59 min and 58 min previously. SMS the wife not feeling good.

Rest house is in a sorry state. No cold drinks, no egg, main toilet closed, etc. But the fried maggie mee and roti bakar actually energised me so much that I ended the ride with a PB.

I ended the ride with 9 hrs 6 min 50 sec on the meter. A PB by 7 mins.
Average speed of 22.3 km/h vs 21.9 km/h normally. 203.31 km
The climb back from Shell Bentong to Genting Sempah took 1 Hr 36 min,


zebrallini said...

sofian ... are you crazy?

sofiantriathlete said...

Am I?

The Eraser said...

Even Ipoh is only 180km away .... salute u ...

Demang said...

hi bro,
still goin strong aaa.