Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Holiday Training


Swim at Shah Alam 3k, 58 mins 37 secs

SUNDAY (4th 203 km on gel and raisins)

Took 5 hrs 1 mins to reach the Fraser Gap Rest House and no food there.
So it was time to test whether gel really does work.

Power Gel does work but not as good as maggie mee & roti bakar.

I managed to grind back to Orang Asli with 9 hrs 20 min on meter (6 min slower than normal). But since there was no lunch break, I got back at 5.40 pm slightly faster than normal.
I took 1 hr 46 min from Shell Bentong to Genting Sempah (a personal worst).

TUESDAY 2 JAN 2007, BRICK with Ngae

Lots of groups met at Pekan Batu 14. Poor Dr Tan came to tell us he was injured (and he is doing the Sahara Desert Race & Langkawi Ironman).

We cycled to the T junction in a pack and then up Genting Peres. It was fun, lots of people. The climb took me 30 mins 11 sec. A good time for me.
Me and Ngae went to Titi. Ngae was fit and kept waiting for me.
Got back to car with 102 km and 4 hrs 30 min on meter.
Time 12.45pm

We then ran to the bottom of Tekali Hill. Took me 1 hr to and fro. Ngae in front. Soooo hot.


So from Christmas Day to 2 Jan (9 days), I did :
608 km bike
1 hr run in the heat
3km swim

Bike Route Change at Langkawi

Its not the easy flat route this year due to the large no. of participants. Now its hilly, finish la. ...

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