Monday, December 04, 2006

197 km bike + 10 km run over the weekend

Hello, It was an alternate long weekend for me.


Started from Orang Asli around 8 a.m. A few small groups around.
Anyway, I went to Bentong and back. Roti telor at Bentong. PUNCTURE twice.
Climb back took 1 HR 32 MINS. I thought I felt sleepy at the start.
99km. 4 hrs 26 mins
Didn't loose any weight.


Same. way2ride, Nor Effandy Rosli etc. were around. The climb to Genting Sempah was much slower than yesterday. What an excuse to go back home. Anyway went down to Shell, Bentong for water. It was just Power Gel all the way (4 packets). Climb back took 1 HR 33 mins (surprised, I thought I was tired from yesterday). At the car it was 98km and 4 hrs 26 min. Around 12.30 pm.

Put on running shoes, cold 100 plus from the shop, water in special waist pouch, stones in hand to throw at monkeys.
Up the hill 5km (I remembered the spot when cycling). 33 mins to halfway. Back was 29 mins (thigh pain on downhill). 1 hr 2 min total for 10 km. Maybe distance wrong, my running is very slow. That was longest run in years.(at langkawi, I walked the whole way, 8 hrs plus).

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Anonymous said...

U ride kat GS? Me too. I was there last Sunday. If u see a guy with a Fuji blue and going very slooowww, it's me. Do say hi.