Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Ten Hour Workout

Hello Mr azhar (the only person that read my blog)

I did not train much during the weekdays. Just a bit on Saturday too.
Sunday (26 Nov) was the only day available.

202.78km with 9 hrs 15 mins on the meter (including stops it was 10 hrs).
Followed by a 22 min run.

Drove to Hospital Orang Asli. Edwin Ng's group (all going to take part at Langkawi) was there and some others. Edwin thought I was joking when I told them I was heading to Frasers.

We started together, exchanging ideas what to do at Langkawi. At Genting Sempah I told those who had arrived earlier I was proceeding to Frasers (some surprised looks).
Cruised down to Bentong, didn't stop and headed to Frasers through the back way. Just before the Fraser climb, I went to a small Chinese town called TRAS to fill up the water bottle. Eat one power bar already 3 hrs 35 min.
Only reached the rest house after 5 hrs on the meter, about 105km.

The beautiful rest house only sells mee or nasi goreng, no 100 plus even. ALL other shops now closed as its now new two way traffic to Frasers Hill.

The ride back (only one hill) took 4hr 15 mins. The climb from Bentong took 1 hr 42 mins versus 1 hr 32 min normally. I only fill up water bottle at Bentong. It was gel and raisins all the way. The GU Expresso, was really good but cost RM8 each.

There was no sun at wall. Beautiful roads , trees, no cars, simply a beautiful ride.
Started at 8 am and back at the car at 6 pm. Then a 22 min run (scared to leave the bicycle in the car).

I'm very happy I made it without any problems or feeling bad. I hope I can still finish last again at Langkawi.


azhar said...

hey how u know heh!!!????
wow 10 hour ride... DAYEM!!!!
my training is a bit tiring...alot of work...very busy.. i try to maintain a 2 session a day training regimen morning and after work la!! almost imposible!!
if u wanna be last ill try to be 2nd last hehehehehe
c u there man another 87 days to go!!

zebrallini said...


i'm saluting you like the 1001th time oredi .....

sofiantriathlete said...

Mr Azhar,
Hope to see u there. I got big meeting on the Monday lah aiyo..

Mr Azwar,
my average speed only 21.9km/h.

Office just relocated to Shah Alam. Pool spoilt. Where to train ??

zebrallini said...

shah alam?

pool aquatic shah alam is alright ... or you can try pool UiTM (last time it was open to public)

sofiantriathlete said...

Aquatic pool just opened this week. I hv gone twice.
Thank you