Monday, November 20, 2006

Training on 18 & 19 Nov 2006


Orang Asli Hospital to Bentong Shell Station (eat power bar) and back. One extra lap at McDonald roundabout.

Total was 99 km. 4 hrs 26 mins on meter. Climb back was 1 hr 33 min. One min slower than usual (previous week did not cycle due to attending Open house)


Same, did orang asli to Bentong and back. Started at 9 am as on Saturday went open house visiting. Yawning at the start and wanted to go back and sleep.

Many cars at Orang Asli car park, all had left earlier and unfortunately I didn't bump into them.

Treated myself to Roti and half boiled eggs at Bentong. Climb back was 1 hr 36 mins. Slower oh well.

Total 98 km, 4 hrs 26 min.

At the car, put on my running shoes and ran 5.6 km, took me almost 36 mins. That slow run was my best run in years.


The nicest people possible. They are not materialistic. So far I have not heard of any untoward incidents to our cars or us. Once when cycling I saw a Orang Asli couple pushing their motor bike up Genting Peres. I offered money and they did not accept it. The nicest people around (Ironman Kohing Antak is an Orang Asli).


azhar said...

keep it man!!

sofiantriathlete said...

Thank you Azhar Sir