Monday, October 16, 2006


Wow it was stressful initially , then hapiness at the end .

What a game of two halves. What happened at half time, that transformed the team?
Did the team get jet lag travelling 25 miles from Manchester?

In the first half, I couldn't believe I was watching the same team that controlled Newcastle. However in the second half, everything changed right from the kick off. Giggs simply changed everything.

That was a team worthy of being Champions. Fingers crossed man.

VDS did his usual top class show. How he flicked the ball over an oncoming fwd.

Patrice Evra is really something now. He is brave, hardworking, quick, impecable timing in his challenges.

Vidic I already knew was top class. Watch out world, how he can hang in the air so long, brave...

Ferdinand is very passionate when wearing the MU jersey. I now like him.

We all know the quality of Scholes, Giggs, Saha and Rooney.

I am so happy with my team, and with Astro MAX, I just watch the best parts again and again.

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