Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Wigan Game

Happiness is being a Man United fan at the moment. Watching that live game was stressful.

First half.
Man U had jet lag travelling the 25 miles from Manchester. Wigan were firing on all cyclinders. I couldn't believe this was the same team that had played so well against Newcastle.

Second half
Giggs came in and Utd were firing on all cyclinders from the whistle. He and the increased purpose of Rooney changed the game completely. Giggs is on his way to breaking all kinds of records. The flicks and direct running were so wonderful to watch.

Rooney's form and passion has now returned. Watch out world.

Saha may need a few chances to score a goal, but who cares. Reminds me of Andy Cole. Saha in full flight is a sight to behold.

Solksjaer is our favourite. The fans just love him, because he did not complain even though he was only a substitiute before. The important goals he had scored for us. He is the best finisher I have seen I think. He is always on target. Its just that on the wing, he is not that useful. We love him.

Vidic I have said is very good and capable of scoring goals.

Evra is totally committed. Wonderful.

The weak players (not nice to mention this) are OShea, Fletcher, Brown, Park, Sivestre, Alan Smith. If two or more are playing than Utd are in trouble.

Sorry I've got two postings on the Wigan game.

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