Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Newcastle Game and the Season's Progress

Sorry Triathletes, this posting is about my other love.

I've just installed Astro Max for RM849. Expensive but worth it for a football fan like me. I have also recorded the France Ironman being shown today.
It meant I saw the Newcastle game over and over.

Newcastle are the weakest team we have seen this season. Their fans and Chairman have very high expectations. Glen Roeder's days are numbered. Its also the weakest ever Newcastle team I have seen.

Perharps due to the weak opposition, its the best Man U performance this season. I think its because, Man U didn't have too many weak players on the pitch at the same time. O Shea (sorry), Silvestre, Park were not playing. Only weak player Fletcher played, and he hit the post.

Lets go through the team.

VDS is a top notch goalkeeper. He was man of the pre-season Amsterdam tournament.

Evra is our best left back now. He moves very quickly to make up for the lack of height. The team plays much faster when he is around. Good buy. Heinze is still not fit. He will be great when we need to defend a lot.

Vidic is a wonderful buy. Simply getting better and better. A Benfica player kicked him in the head and he didn't blink. Apart from solid defending, he nearly scored twice. Defence we have no problems.

Carrick is finally showing himself. He looks a good bet to start for England. He is still improving I am sure.

Scholes, I have said is the "best midfielder in Europe".

Christiano Ronaldo, based on the season so far, is the best player in the world right now. Please boo him when he plays. As Glen Roeder says, he is an athlelete, not a footballer.

Wayne Rooney has been a huge let down. Never mind, he will get his form after the England matches.

Ole, we all love him.

And there is still Giggs and Saha to return.

Things are indeed looking up. Fergie forever.

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