Wednesday, September 20, 2006

16 and 17 Sep weekend update

10 SEP 2006

Bear in mind everyone was at Desaru. I drove to orang asli that Sunday morning, nobody around, yawn and drove back home and slept (we are all human).

16 SEP 2006 (Saturday)

Off day (alternate Saturday). Drove to Orang Asli Hospital. No one around and no cars on the old road to Bentong too.
Climb from car park to Genting Sempah took 52 mins, no improvement.
Spin down to Bentong. 2 hr 6 mins on meter at the roti shop.

Climb from traffic light to Genting Sempah roundabout took 1 hr 32 min 27 sec. A recent PB. The savings came from the "flatter" portion of the ride until the bridge where there is an orchard. My time for the hilly part was no improvement.

The time on the meter at the end was 4 hr 21 min, 97 km. A nice ride. Met no one at all. Since Edwin did the adjustments to my position, my comfort and speed on the flats has improved a lot. I can now maintain the aero position longer than I could for the past ten years.


It was exactly the same ride. Except now the Sunday crowd was around.
My Group was Chew, Nicholas (Sweden), Josh (a new guy with the USA embassy), Ah Tuck and whats his name. The climb up took me 51 mins, slightly faster since got people to chase.
There was lots of debate, almost argument, where to go. No pump lah, no this lah and Josh punctured twice. So i went to Bentong alone. Near Bentong there was a large group of casual cyclists coming back.

Again 2 hr 6 min at the roti shop. As I was about to start back, I saw about 8 quite serious cyclists. I know some of them, they forever overtake me going up to Genting Sempah. They went as a peleton, fast. I let them go lah and did my own ride. It was a hot day unlike yesterday.
Surprisingly I was only 30 sec down at the bridge, just before the hilly part. Some of the cyclists that were in front had stopped. Oh not so tough after all I thought. Some of them came after me. One overtook me and blew me away. The others couldn't follow. Or maybe they waited for their slower friends. At Genting Sempah, another one of their group was waiting. I kept on going.
My time at Genting Sempah was 1 hr 32 min 59 sec. Man I am soo happy.
Reached the car with 4 hr 19 min on meter and 96km. How come exactly same route got different km one.

The total for the weekend was 194 km. Yahoo.

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