Monday, August 07, 2006

Weekend's Review


Whilst I had the day off it was "wasted" as I didn't sleep due to some food I had the previous night at the local stall. Without proper sleep I feel useless.


I was supposed to ride with Simon Cross and other big boys but chickened out in the morning as they are simply too good for me.
So I headed to Genting Sempah alone. Many people at the Orang Asli, but I kept on going. Reached Genting Sempah with 1 hr 59 min on the meter and took almost 59 mins for the climb. Slow times, a few minutes slower than normal. Did one round of the McDonald Hill. Made a bold decision to go down to Bentong alone, said goodbye to Ah Tuck.
Reached Bentong and had roti canai. Didn't push as I had been missing my cycling.

Remained in control the uphill back. It took me 1 hr 45 min to reach the roundabout vs 1 hr 34 min the previous time. Anyway made it back home about 20 mins slower than the previous ride. 6 hrs 55 mins and 151 km on my dodgy meter.

I feel a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

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