Monday, August 14, 2006

13 Aug 06, Bentong again

With new tyres. To Bentong and back alone. 152km, 6hrs 28 min in total.

Passed by Orang Asli around 7.54 a.m.. Really lots of cyclists there.
Took 56 mins 16 secs for the climb to Genting Sempah, 2.5 mins faster than last week, but still slower than the 54 mins I usually before the Saudi trip.
Reached the roti shop at Bentong with 3hrs 3 min on the meter. Saw long lost friend Simon Lim as I was going back. The climb to the roundabout took me 1 hr 39 mins vs 1 hr 45 min last week. But before Saudi, I could do 1 hr 34 min.
Anyway felt comfortable, the new tyres are so easy to cycle on. Reached home at 1 .55 pm. A good time but not a recent PB.

An ok day, didn't suffer as much like last week


aniz said...

18 August... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MSI!! Stay fit & healthy always. God bless..

sofiantriathlete said...

Thank you Anis. You always remember everyone's birthday.
All the best