Monday, June 19, 2006

Week's review (up to 18 June 06)


I have sort of discovered "spinning" at the gym. Its good and I intend to keep on doing it.

In spinning, about eight of us sit on Lemond spinning bikes in an enclosed room with music blaring away. We try to follow the instructor. It takes some getting used to. The saddle is very low. Standing up is different from a normal bike as the spinning bike can't rock. Some of the spinning positions, I still can't do. But its fun.

It helps the Sunday ride. Our cadence is faster.
Doesn't affect ny heel pain but it does affect my knees (not sure why).
I find that many people in the class are better than me.

Just did about one hr of swimming in my apartment pool. For the moment the apartment pool will do.

It was a good cycling day, no rain, cool in the morning, bright sun only at about 11.30 a.m.

Cycled to Joo Ngan's shop, met Leo and Ah Tuck. Chew, poor guy, forgot his gear, thus can't cycle.
The 3 of us cycled to pekan batu 14, Joo Ngan had left even though we were on time (so much for being the Msian coach).
We went up to Genting Peres, no Joo Ngan. Went down to Semenyih Dam, then met him, So we turned around. All in it was about 102 km, 4 hrs 25 min on the meter.OK lah

Had a good laugh at the shop with Razak. He cycles so much that his children sort of ignore him.

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