Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Week ending 25 june 06

Last week was actually a good week.

For the first time, did not eat "nasi lemak" for breakfast or rice during lunch. No kidding lost 1.5 kg i think.
Unfortunately, this Monday already eat mamak rice. Hope to keep the proper eating habits.

Weekday Training
4 times spinning classes - good

A very good ride to Bentong. The meter said 151 km, 6hrs 22 mins.

The "group" started at 7 a.m. at Joo Ngan's shop. Comprised Joo Ngan, Chew, Joe (new American), Nick (swedish embassy) and me.
It took me 1 hr 56 mins from the house to reach genting sempah. I was last (as usual) up the hill.
I alone proceed down to Bentong. The others went to Buki Tinggi Kg.
Had roti and eggs at Bentong.
The climb back (from T junction traffic lights to genting sempah roundabout took me 1 hr 34 mins). It was perfect conditions no sun.
Passed the shop at 1.25 p.m. and reached home 1.55 pm.

A very good day indeed.

Hope this week can still maintain last week's progress, though just now had the free ice-cream from starbucks.

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