Saturday, May 13, 2006

Friday, a Public Holiday

Only left the house at 8 a.m. (versus 6.40 a.m. normally). I'm definitely getting lazy.
Reached Orang Asli and turned back. Wah so useless. So it was only a two hour ride.

Afternoon swim
Went to Shah Alam pool (no more Bukit Jalil for me). Bukit Jalil is crowded and often closed. So Shah Alam is back to being my pool even though its so far away from my house and the shower facilities are awful. Shah Alam pool is not crowded, you can have a lane all to yourself, so the extra travelling time and toll is OK.

Peter Lau was there. We had quite a long chat. He went to Melbourne for the Commonwealth Games. Apparently the Shah Alam pool was closed by the Health authorities for being dirty.

In total, I swam 3km with paddles (the big TYR ones).

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anis said...

hi MSI!! we'll surely bump into each other one day.. lately i only frequent the kelana jaya & bangsar pools besides making full use of the clubhouse's pool near my hse.. see ya!!