Monday, May 15, 2006

The Weekend


Off day. Felt I needed a rest from Friday's exertions.


Cycled to Joo Ngan's Ampang shop, met Ah Tuck and Leo. We cycled over the "Ampang Hill" and met the others at Pekan Batu 14.
The Group comprised Joo Ngan, Dr Tan, Andrew, Jerry plus us three.

I went hard alone past Pekan Batu 18 until the T junction. Met other cyclists. The others caught me and Joo Ngan was first to the junction. Re-group then to Semenyih Dam. Again I went alone, in fact did the hill at the dam twice whilst waiting for the others. Met many other cyclists around the Dam.
Wonderful stop at Dam, great camaraderie, old men laughing like small boys, maggie mee... life is wonderful.

We cycled back to Pekan Batu 14 via the hill. It was hot... We all had the wonderful ice cold tebu. The original three cycled back over Ampang Hill.

In total according to the meter, it was 82 km, 3 hrs 44 mins, average of 21> km/hr.

I am modifying my cadence, concentrating on the heel now. I hope the excruciating pain I feel in the feet will now lessen.


Went to Shah Alam Pool. This pool will be my training venue. The water is clearer now following the raid by the Health authorities and its less crowded compared to Bukit Jalil. Never mind lah the travelling expense.

Peter Lau was there and I finally talked to an old chinese man that had been swimming beside me there for years. His name is Yeoh, very charming 57 yrs old and slim. Can only speak Malay (with me).

In total I swam 2 km. Tired from the morning's exertions.

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