Monday, May 08, 2006

A small FALL

I fell on Sunday (not serious).

We were coming back from Semenyih Dam, about 5 km after the T junction, going maybe 38km/hr (slight downhill), wheel to wheel. Then................
two chickens crossed the road. I went into the wheel of the person in front, the bicycle started to wobble. My first concern was my broken left arm, so I let myself fall on the right. The bicyle weaved to the right, I went into the bushes (mud). Went over the concrete drain, my head missed the lampost, I landed on my right shoulder on mud. Phew lucky man. My left arm nothing wrong, I quickly got up and told everyine I was OK. The chap in front was worried, I repeatedly told him not to worry and I was OK. These things happen, its nobody's fault.

Dr Tan enquired about my head. Your head OK or not? Yes....
Joo Ngan wasn't impressed (he has seen much much worse), lets go, he said. Ah Tuck followed me all the way to Pekan Batu 14. We had refreshments, Dr Tan gave me some painkillers, then Joo Ngan sent me home.

At home, I had to pretend to my wife that I "don't feel any pain", otherwise cannot go cycling again. After we cleaned the mud, there was only some scratches. (Did go to the clinic).
So Monday I'm back at work, everything is fine.

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