Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tuesday's training and other stuff

Well Tuesday was a public holiday and it was quite a good day training wise. The morning ride did not happen, instaed I just sat on the trainer at home watching movies. Two hours on the trainer. We are getting lazy.

Went for a swim at 3 pm at Bukit Jalil. Not many people, perfect. Actually has quite a good swim. Warm up 1.5km at 30 mins. Then 26 X 100m on 2 mins 10 secs. Took about 1 min 50 sec per 100m. There were people in adjacent lanes who were swimming faster than me. Good to see. So total 4.1 km.

Felt so tired and satisfied after.

The Kenyir photos are appearing at azwar's site. But I don't know how to use the swimbikerun forum. Why so complicated one? Aiyo I look so fat in one photo there.

Have a nice day

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