Monday, April 10, 2006

Taking it easy

Hi Anis and everyone,

I am taking it easy. Not doing any of the races (A Farmosa, Kenyir, MMDS). I can even miss my sunday ride. But of course, I have not stopped exercising altogether.

Since Langkawi, only did the one ride to Bentong and another with the famous Azwar. Gym, swim here and there.

Commonwealth Games
The CG was really nice wasn't it. I tried to see as much of it as possible, in the mornings whilst on the trainer. I really enjoyed it, but its over now.

I'm toying with doing another exam in June called CISSP, but its difficult and expensive. See how.

Take care everyone

1 comment:

aniz said...

MSI, swimmathon pulau kapas-marang do u on 23 april?? looks gud, must be a very interesting N happening race..