Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Pulau Kapas

Hi Anis,
I'm not going to Pulau Kapas. Its a good trip, but nowadays I cannot win even the small prizes, so its not worth the trouble going. The thrill of taking part is also not there because I have done that race and many others too.

If never been yes go. The island and jetty is simply beautiful areas. Even when waiting at the airport, u can get the wonderful sea breeze. Its supported by the rich Trengannu Govt, so good value for money. All the best.

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aniz said...

MSI, an experienced & skilled Ironman like u can now choose d race u wanna participate... waaaa.. i wish i could have that kinda feeling.. still gotta learn a lot from u lah!! ur description of the beautiful terengganu sounded wonderful.. so tempting.. :)