Wednesday, January 11, 2006


On Saturday, I went jogging in the evening at the Kg Pandan Track. My first run for some time. The good side, I was surprised I could go for 45 mins. The DOWNSIDE, my thighs and heel ached for a few days after. It hurt so much that the following day (Sunday "long" ride), I only stayed with the group to Taman Melawati or so and turned back.
I have to accept reality that I can't run. I still hope to go to Langkawi and try to finish the bicycle at least.
The free flights offered by Air Asia are finished. I booked at Eagle Bay Resort (formerly Central) by phone. No need to pay first, so thats good. RM95 per night.

On Tuesday went cycling around Ulu Langat. There was Simon Cross, Joo Ngan etc. I have made the cardinal error of not buying my helmet, shoes from Joo Ngan. He was quiet, But I know I have upset him.
I finished the ride with Dr Tan. We will train together for Langkawi starting this Sunday at Pekan Batu 14 (7.30 a.m.). It will be a very slow long ride. I don't mind as we need to get used to working out the whole day. Hopefully we can end the ride with a short run.

Dr Tan was quite unhappy with Hawaii as a holiday destination. No porters to carry your luggage at the posh hotel, etc. He promptly went to Phuket and Koh Samui upon his return for a proper holiday.

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