Thursday, August 11, 2005


It was a pleasant surprise to see almost the whole Istana morning crowd at Crowne Plaza. The machines, facilities are much better at the new place.
BUT..... jam when going to the office along Jln Perak, was nearly late.
One hr on the super smooth bicycle.

Well I have given up on Praba (12 visits). Dr Moira was recommended by Pacesetters' Jason Thiang. She is actually the most beautiful Dr I have ever met (am I allowed to say that?). She in turn has referred me to a Pantai Dr to do shockwave therapy. Three visits (each RM1,000) and can run again. So I will go for it. Dr Moira is from South Africa. She is Pacesetters' Track Athlete of the year (so she definitely knows a Planta Fasciitis when she sees one).

Lets not talk about the haze. Its time to work out indoors.

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