Monday, July 18, 2005

Sunday 17 July 2005

Did the 65 loop twice. Left the Hotel in the dark morning. Was only averaging 17km/hr (scared). Anyway the first loop was bad for me. Don't know why. Just start already bonk. The first loop took 2 hr 25 mins.
Stopped for Power Bar, cold red bull, 100 Plus and water, now we are talking business. Then only feel good. I think it was 2 hr 20 min for loop 2.

I honestly didn't know that the PD race was using the normal route to Rantau. I mistakenly read the web-site (turn at highway traffic lights I thought).
There I was heading towards PD and the race boys were coming in on the other side.
In front was a Police Car, lights flashing. The first 3 cyclists were drafting it (2 to 3 meters gap). One of the three was a girl (u know lah the top lady). Then about 4 cyclists came on their own (one min apart). One guy in red was tall and muscular (bright future).

Then came Razani pulling 20 cyclists. Why does he always go in front. (He said to catch the guy in front). Then Nisop (Thai Sea Games) and everyone. All looking strong and menacing. Sorry I didn't mean to disturb you all. One guy was clapping me (Eh I'm not leading).

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