Monday, July 18, 2005

PD Triathlon

The PD race was well organised as usual my Mr Chan. Thank you Mr Chan. Keep up the excellent job Mr Chan.
The Mentri Besar no less came to give the price away.
Overall No 1 was a Aussie. Razani was second.

RAZANI has been the no 1 since Tri started in 1988/89. Next yr he will be veteran. Now he can swimm as fast as Ah Yong. Amazing for a "river" swimmer. The secret is he swims everyday (on his own).
They only gave one prize for the overall category. His face dropped, I felt for him.

DON won the 40 plus beating Iwata. Congrats Don.

KIMBERLY YAP won her age group (overall??) beating Stephanie. She has a very very bright future. This is only her second Tri I think . Malaysia boleh. She beat everyone (males too) by 12 mins I think at Pulau Kapas.

I saw FITRI (Tank) as he was finishing (congrats).

Lewin's two sons won their relay.

SHAROM was 7th overall. 25mins for the swim and 33 mins for the 10 km run. He overtook Nisop (Thai Sea Games triathlete) on the run. Amazing. Sharom we all know is the No 1 Duathlete in MSIA. His swim strokes is awful. Goodness, this guy can still improve a lot.

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