Monday, July 18, 2005

Saturday 16 Jul 2005

Saturday was not a working day (Yahoo).
Morning took wife to market, left for PD around lunchtime (jam along the way). Coincindentally met Razani and xxx at Seremban rest stop.

Checked into Regency and started my ride just before 4pm. Did the 65km loop. Gosh it was lovely. I miss PD and the roads, the quiet undulating smooth roads, cows. Did the loop in less than 2 hr 10 I think. Small gear the whole way but pedalling like mad to emulate Lance Armstrong. Went to PD Admiral, soak in the race atmosphere. The guy distributing the Power Bars is very polite. He is a class act.

Went for a stroll on the beach during SUNSET time with my wife. That Regency Beach (and a lot of PD Beaches) have really changed. Its soo lovely, with lots of new sand. Met Azwar who was also enjoying the serenity with his wife. The Regency Beach extends right to PD Marina.
It is a nice beach. I recommend it to anyone.

PD has improved a lot. New highways and roads, reclaimed beaches. It was difficult to get a room for the weekend. So I think there is a good future for PD. I am happy, my childhood haunting ground is still going strong.

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