Monday, February 12, 2018

Thailand Swimathon 10km Pattaya 2 Dec 2017

This is a very popular race with Malaysian swimmers and rightly so. Again the Sports Buddy Team / Thailand Swimathon did an excellent job.
Part of the huge Malaysian contingent for 2017
The great things of last year were repeated and for 2017, there was an open air awards night. It really was a wonderful event, I think you can read my last year's Race Report, its the same excellent race.
It was nice to see many new swimmers from Malaysia, Spain (Jose, Ignacious and wife), Bangkok (Tim Johnson), Ko Samui (Andy, Gary Sparkes, Anika) and Brunei (Ahmad) experiencing this excellent race for their first time.
Fun times at the airport. Entertainment by Andy
Overall Champion
The Men's Champion in 2017 was Jose Lois Larossa in 2 hours 27 mins. Rupert did 2 hours 20 mins in 2016 but in 2017 was a little slower (as he was busy with exams) and finished second.
Awards Party
My Performance
I recorded 3 hours 20 mins versus 3 hours 34 mins the previous year. This was the biggest improvement of all participants. In fact, because of the more difficult conditions, most swimmers were markedly slower in 2017. Plus I didn't loose to any of my friends, so I was extremely pleased with this performance even though I didn't podium my 45 years plus category.
I am happy to note that Thailand Swimathon have announced even more events for 2018. Oceanman (separate from Thailand Swimathon) have also signed the franchise agreement for Thailand. Add Swimon Malaysia having seven events planned for 2018, Open Water Swimmers in Malaysia and Thailand are going to have their best year yet in 2018. Exciting times indeed.

Again they provided many action photos

Thanks Raymond Ng for this shot

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