Wednesday, February 14, 2018

"New Year Resolution Swim" 3km on 31 December 2017

New race location this time
This was a semi serious swim event organized by Swimon at Putrajaya Lake.
It's terribly expensive to hold swim events at Putrajaya Lake, we hope this will change as many swims are planned there for 2018.
Swimon is building it's expertise and volunteer team. More or less the same team was used for the PD OWS on 4 February 2018. It is good to have the same team, so that everyone becomes more familiar with their respective roles and the interaction with each other. Bear in mind that everyone have their own jobs and only get together at the weekend of the race. There is no time to train the team all over again for every new event.
Some services have to be hired and its good to use the same people as they are also building their expertise.
Many improvements
I noticed Swimon had upped its ante;
  1. A detailed and colourful Racebook was made available for all participants. Even the ambulance evacuation route to the nearest hospital was mapped out. Well that's good for me. Once the Organiser can produce a high quality Racebook, you just sort of know that it will be a good race.
  2. An incredibly high number of safety personnel involved. There was Aquaputra Putrajaya, Bomba and Marine Police, kayaks, SUPs.
  3. Many new bright yellow buoys, finishing funnel, gantry, very nice prize giving backdrop. All this must be very expensive. Very eye catching.
  4. Top quality race pics by Mrs Yoshi.
The race distance was 1.5km and 3km. Putrajaya is only 30 minutes from my home versus 1 hour 30 mins for P.D.
The lake water is pitch black and scary if you look at it. But believe me its safe for swimming. I've swam 10km in that lake and no body itches after.
The race  location was now at Kelab Tasik Putrajaya versus the usual Precint 6. Why not? for a change.
The actual race, well my race
The 3km was two laps of 1.5km going clockwise.
I notice swimmers don't warm up. Everyone is happy talking to friends they have not seen for a while. Well, I've learnt my lesson and now use the bungee ropes from Decathlon to warm up.
Weary from my heart attack about one year previously, I held back a little bit at the start. After the first turnaround I found myself next to a good friend. I must be doing Ok because at Tanjung Rhu she was doing the shorter 5km and literally swam right over me as I was too slow for her.
But she had too much Christmas pudding in her and I was inching away this time. I think initially I could sense her on my toes, so I really had to get my swim act together. This must have been good for me (swimming scared) because I only finished seconds behind a very strong rival friend of mine.
There were some leaves and small debris as we swam under the bridge, this added to the excitement I thought.
The midway point at 1.5km was exciting because the volunteers and spectators were there. It was strictly business for me, no waves to anyone or anything like that. Later I found that Mrs Yoshi (Sen Ra) had taken simply amazing action shots of me swimming and ignoring everyone. Thank you Puan.
Half way
I had a good race and finished just seconds behind a close rival who was swimming beside his daughter the whole way. Probably he needed his little daughter to protect him. My other rival who knocked the back of my head at Langkawi was only a little bit behind.
The "trick" is to breathe low. Oops there goes my secret
 I was fourth male in slightly under 1 hour 5 mins. The winner finished in under 58 mins.
I went for another 1.5km lap for training purposes and started doing a fourth 1.5km lap but was stopped by the Police.
Prizes and official times were only given for the top three in each category as it was only a semi serious race.
Wonderful Volunteers
The team is getting better and better.

Amir's angels. Julia, Sen Ra, Cherish Chin and Sumai.
Great work ladies (Are ladies more hardworking than men? Makes me wonder)
Amir of course is doing everything. Sumai is the one providing the strong support to him. Sumai is in turn supported by Julia and her husband Azizul. Joey Ting and friends are doing the swimmers' registration. Philip Tan and Yoshi are on the course. Sen Ra and many others provide many quality shots for free. Yoges is the capable announcer. Cherish Chin is the all rounder.
We just wish that its not so costly to hold swim events at Putrajaya Lake.

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