Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday, 19 Sep 10

Oops - on Raya Day
19 Sep. My most favourite Raya Open House. The Malakoff Raya Open House
A.J. (our most gracious host), Adele (with baby), Randy & Ivie Ong, Awea, Bandit, Ariff & May Senn, Nadzim Manan etc.

Runners after their morning run, crowding around Mac.

Many runners this Sunday because the Newton race collection for next week was also held at the car park.

My "run group" was A.J. and Hoo Ching Cheong.

The run was fun with the many other runners on the road. We got to Petronas and the loop in a quick time. Took drinks and got back to the car park in 2 hrs 0 mins which is 1 min slower than my PB done on Thursday. I noticed it was pure concentration from Hoo C C this Sunday unlike on Thursday. I loved the run. A.J. had to stop at the car park as he was getting cramps. After our drinks etc. , Hoo and myself set off for another 8km. Hoo was pure concentration and maintained a brilliant consistent pace. I just hung on.

We got back in 2 hrs 54 min knocking off my previous PB on Thursday by 4 mins.


Dancing Ciken said...

good job, u're so fast now! thanks for the motivation too

sofiantriathlete said...

My very best wishes for Desaru.

May You, Sir and Alya have a very wonderful life ahead.