Thursday, September 16, 2010

Msia Day SKINS Test

Not quite sure whats happening to my running nowadays. There was quite a large crowd of the regular runners on the road. The Triathlon crowd was not there though, all preparing in earnest for Desaru.

I decided to give the SKINS suit I bought in Perth a test in Malaysian weather. My running group consisted of John Tan, IM Hoo Ching Cheong, IM Hoo Ching Tai, Lee Woon Khow (all regular Marathon runners) and myself.

My PB for the regular 20 km route was 2 hr 2 min (which I thought could never be broken). Today it was 1 hr 59 min (including stops). After a longish 7 min wait, Hoo C C and myself proceeded to do my customary additional 8 km (I don't do an extra 10 km or 20 km OK, just 8 km).

My PB for the 28 km (with stops) was 3 hr 8 min. This time I did 2 hr 58 min. At IM China, Hoo CC outran me by a good 2.5 hours. Now we are about the same.

As Simon says, the key is to reduce one's weight to improve performance. I suppose the SKINS suit has passed its test with flying colours. Don't tell anyone I mistakenly wore it inside out.

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