Thursday, September 02, 2010

ROCKTAPE's kind offer

Through a comment on my previous post, the brilliant people at ROCKTAPE have offered samples to anyone that needs them. Just e-mail

I did slash my marathon time by 39 minutes. What I can really confirm is that the ROCKTAPE Team at the Perth Marathon were very nice to us. They are also very honest too. Steve (see picture) very kindly pointed out to me that I had accidentally dropped AUD20 as I flipped out my handphone.

With Steve of ROCKTAPE


Anonymous said...

If someone in Australia wants a Rocktape sample it is best to email and we would only be happy to oblige.

Tony - Rocktape said...

And congrats on your 39 minute PB....that is fantastic.

john cooke said...

well done
let me know when u are back in perth for IMWA .will love to catch up over dinner cookie

sofiantriathlete said...

We are not stopping over in Perth for IMWA.
We are staying at Gale Villas in Busselton Town.
There is a slim hope that IM Msia might still be on, but I wouldn't count on it

yipwt said... look slimmer now

sofiantriathlete said...

I think for Ultra events it would be good

RaYzeef said...

sofian thanks for the info, i recently emailed the Rocktape guys at down under and they shipped me a bunch of rocktape samples..these guys rocks!

can't wait to try them