Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Perth Race Report

Obviously I have nothing better to do.


SKINS is an Australian Company that makes compression wear for sports. I already use 2XU and Compressport for my calves and thighs, so I thought I would give SKINS (official sponsor) a try at the EXPO.

Compression wear improves blood circulation (oxygen flow) which in turns improves endurance and recovery, reduces fatigue and injury. I think the real benefit is for recovery. If you sleep wearing compression wear, you will wake up very much ready to go.

There was a discount and the EXPO people really knew their product. With compression wear, its important to get a proper fit.

The good thing about SKINS, is the quality of the material. It keeps you totally dry. It feels extremely comfortable and doesn't restrict movement in the slightest. It is a top notch product. It also has anti bacterial properties which I hope means I can wear it without scratching. It also has a 50 SPF sun rating.

The only downside I am aware off is that, it is not suitable for swimming in the pool, as chlorine spoils the material.

Well I did slash my KL Marathon time by 39 minutes.


Again the ROCKTAPE people at the EXPO were brilliant. Even Tip got her feet taped.

We all have a point in our bodies that will fatigue first or a niggling injury somewhere. So what you do is you tape that part of the body and let the Tape take the weight of the exertion. There is a way to putting on the tape (not that difficult to understand).

Cadel Evans used it during the recent Tour De France right down his elbow. So because the Tape is taking the weight, injury is reduced and of course your performance will improve. Looking at their brochure, some people seem to wrap their whole body with the Tape. I only placed it on my problematic feet.

Something was working, I slashed my time by 39 minutes over a hilly route.


The Marathon started at 6.30 a.m. It was cold but not freezing cold. Some people wrapped themselves in dust bin bags, some only had their running singlets. The race start was very near to our Motel. So no problems.

The first 21 km was pancake flat. I decided to go as fast as I could without killing myself. The run was beautiful, mostly around the Swan River for the first 21 km. Aid stations were good but no distance markers. 2 hours 1 min someone by the road said. A fellow runner told me that was the half way point.

It suddenly became hilly. I wasn't that bothered and actually hammered through King's Park. It was bust or nothing for me.

After King's Park (about 32 km), we joined the 35,000 or so 12KM runners. I started to hit the wall. It was chaotic, all of them were overtaking me. I was going slower and slower but did not walk. The Half Marathon people also started to zoom by. Children and all kinds of people started to over take me.

The City to Surf Run is actually not a serious Marathon run. Its a fancy dress charity run. The biggest surprise of the whole trip was when Kevin Siah's darling (Li-Ann) called my name. "Malaysia Boleh" she screamed as she stormed by. Gosh how did she spot me, I didn't know she could run so fast.

I struggled the last 8 km or so. The thighs were burning. I wanted to pee. The first distance marker I saw was at 41 km!!!!!! Gosh what good was that. The fancy dress people in an ambulance overtook me. I had to get them back. As I saw the finish banner, tears almost came to me. So relieved I was the pain was ending.

Heck there were throngs of people beside me. The Marathon runners were not special at all.

As soon as I got someone to take my picture, I smsed everyone back home my 4 hours 18 minutes.

I waited for Tip sitting on a chair beside the medical tent. In Malaysia, I would have been told off for taking up space. But In Australia, no one scolded me, in fact they asked how I was. The society here has evolved to such a high level. It was fun to watch the thousands of 12km participants finishing.

I didn't see the sea, don't know why it called "City to Surf". Its a beautiful race.


K3vski said...

At Perth Marathon, there are distance markers nearly every km and a big clock showing the time at the halfway point. Hahhah yes, I'm promoting this event, which has a bit of sentimental value (my first marathon). In fact, I've never done any other stand-alone marathon course.

Hahhah, the sea is actually by the beach, which is a slight walk from the finishing oval and car park.

ScottRR said...

Congratulations! And great to hear ROCKTAPE worked for you. Email me at and I'll send you a code for 20% off. And if anyone needs samples, shoot me a note and I'll get some ROCKTAPE to ya!

Emma said...

Awesome stuff, sounds great. I walked all around that area when I was over there especially Kings Park - love that place. Well done, both of you!