Sunday, May 23, 2010

Run in memory of Ngae

New pics by PM Tey (thank you).

Tip did her longest ever walk (8 km)

Lets see whether I will wear a sarong for all the races this year

Julie Foreman (new friend), Emma, Sam (happy 60th) and Ben (3 hrs flat at Rotterdam)

I have been with Pacesetters Athletic Club since 1984 (more or less). They have always rallied around when a member is in need. When a member has had an accident, cancer, wants to race overseas, a bereavement etc., Pacesetters will rally around. Even for total strangers, for the less fortunate, its members will rally around. I suppose this is the camaraderie of running together.
This morning it was especially nice to see Tri friends I have not seen for such a long time and was wondering whether they were even in the country. Steve Lee and Karoline, Jap Sam. Jaja Shah.
The run was nice. Myself and many people were in sarongs (brother Ngae's trademark). I took the opportunity to greet everyone on the run route to Sri Hartamas and this time I got more smiling faces than the usual Sunday.

Pics are all from Juliana Ali (thank you). Brother Tey is busy with work and will upload his pics later.

So sweet. Wan (former President) and Juliana Ali did the honours Brother Tey, what would we do without him. Most came dressed to the nines. Hee hee. Look who's back I acknowledge I look silly (who cares)

I've known them since Day 1, 1989

RUN STATS (in SARONG):Ran to Petronas, loop and back in a very good time (2 hrs 13 min) for me, (no long ride on Saturday as it was a working day). Then plodded 8 km (1 hr 19 mins). Total time including 3 stops was 3 hrs 38 mins. I can't see myself finishing the KL Marathon.


Anonymous said...

heyya ur quick to update too. no u dont look silly. and what do u mean u cant see/imagine urself finishing KL.of course u can. dont make me more confused..sifu ! :) glad that u smiled to all the runners ..must do dat more often la.. sometimes im too serious when i run.. Ngae always remind me to chill it.. which i did during the last Powerman.. laughing all the way across the finish..with him ! :)

p.s. : thanks for sharing about IM China .. insyaAllah, if my hajat kesampaian, i would make it to China !!!!!! woohoo.. IML mcm no go je..

Dancing Ciken said...

well done sir! good timing too, i will never catch up with u :D

sorry have to rush back, i was really2 hungry, hehehe

sofiantriathlete said...

wooo weeee, two lovely ladies. My lucky day ha ha.

It was a brilliant Sunday. Good run, met long lost friends (Jaja), made new friends (JF), hugged people on the run (CK), chat at the gerai after (JA, Goh, Azmar etc), Tip (wife) did her longest walk ever (8 km). Go home continue on Facebook.

I think quite definite for me, every Sunday morning its going to be Bukit Aman (weekdays train on your own, weekends meet friends).

Two young ladies grossly mistaken that I look good and fit (ha ha ).

Julie, running is my weakest. Eh u so clever keep "poker face" when u take candid shots. Many times already.

Welcome back Jaja (congrats - Bambino).

I'm going to Bukit Aman this Vesak Day and Sunday. KL Marathon baby.

John said...

Bring your Tip along so that she can join in the fun. Wai Mun and the walking gang are glad to have her for company. Btw, I'm also happy to taste such delicious carrot cake...thank you (hope more to come....hehehehe!).

sofiantriathlete said...

Hi John,
Yes she said it was a very good group. Her muscles still aching two days later, poor girl. Also she stayed up the night to make the carrot cake. The first two attempts failed.
She enjoyed the Company but not sure if she will go again ha ha. Anytime you want carrot cake just say (serious). I will bring it to Bukit Aman 6 a.m. Best wishes to you and Wai Mun.


Emma said...

Tip, Carrot cake YUMMY :)
I will pass Sofian my version next time I am at Bukit Aman, also have an awesome banana/walnut teabread - low in fat but not in taste :)

sofiantriathlete said...

Tip says thank you. She will have another go at Lisbeth Kristensen's recipe.
Thank you