Friday, June 04, 2010

Bond University (Gold Coast) Reunion

Bond University is the only University (out of three) I went to, that I managed to graduate from. Bond Professors regularly come to KL and hold small reunions at The Mandarin Oriental actually. This one was last night.

Even though I never meet any of my actual classmates (who are from all over the world), its just nice to share camaraderie with people who went to the same University. Lots of warmth and smiling faces, people genuinely happy to see each other.

I thank the University for holding this lovely get together and look forward to the next one in October.

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, definitely better than nothing though.

UM Law Professor (wants to do the Ironman once), Suresh Kumar and Seumas Tan Brett Walker from the University
Geraldine Mackenzie, the Dean of the Law School (considered the top Law School in Australia) I went to the University using my own savings. I chose Bond because the Gold Coast is one of the top few Triathlon training locations in the world. Some of its students (eg. Grant Hackett 1,500m) were actually World Champions. Jackie Gallagher (Triathlon World Champion at that time) frequently used the Pool and Gym facilities. Many top Triathletes and even the not so top ones would come from all over the world (I actually met life long friend, multiple IM Lisa Lynam from Canada here) and use the University Pool and Gym. The swim sessions were simply incredible.

The nicest thing I liked about the Gold Coast was the picture perfect blue sky. I used to spend simply ages just gazing at it wondering how come it was so perfectly blue.


I have stupidly missed the coming Marathon in July 2010 (its always the first Sunday of July). Pacesetters / Air Asia / Marathon people gave a dirt cheap package. I very much intend to do the Marathon in July 2011. About two weeks ago, I have already offered to pay the 2011 package for someone.

I do hope the 2011 Marathon trip does materialise. Bring the missus (what a trip it would be for her) and friends. Visit the beautiful University, meet anyone still around and get my butt kicked in the Pool. Phew Paradise.

(Come on Paul Lee, lets go)


plee said...

Tsssk!2011 Sofian now you've peaked my curiosity! Itching to try but......well! hope to confirm soon hahah

sofiantriathlete said...

ha ha , something to ponder man. The package for 2010 was only RM1,500 I think. Peanuts for an overseas race.
Now IM MY also don't have.

C said...

Hi, I am Seumas's bro living on the Coast.May interest you that David Thornton, new GM for Commercialisation at Bond Uni is a former UK National Tri-athlete.