Sunday, April 04, 2010

Keeping things sort of ticking

When the next confirmed race is only on 5 Dec 2010, one sure is a bit lost on what to do. Its a pity IMWA is on the same day as the 70.3 Asian Pacific Championships at Phuket. Unlike previously thought, the 70.3 Champs is also open to the public. What a party that would be.
The number of people going to IMWA is going to increase by leaps and bounds this year. Just yesterday Jap Sam and Ong Boon Hin told me they would be going.

Saturday (140 km)

Adeline at Broga

There was only Ad and me with the best support person in the world, Mac. After 140 km, I called it a day and hopped into Mac's car. I have to sort out my painful feet. Adeline, very much to her credit, finished the ride even though she was not having a good day. The next day, she ran 30 km from Bukit Aman, wow.

Broga Hill, popular with Trekkers

SUNDAY (20 km run, 2 hrs 17 min)

I started at the car park with Ben (doing Rotterdam Marathon this weekend) and Emma. After only two seconds, they both disappeared into the darkness. Nevertheless I had a good run. Reaching Petronas and the loop in my fastest time ever (since I got my foot injuries in 2002). PM Tey was at the crest of a hill taking pictures of everyone. After being told off by him, I no longer give the "victory" sign. Randy Tan was running so majestically on the other side. Coming back from Petronas, I was spent from yesterday's ride, but made it back running the whole way and did not hop on any taxi.

I actually swear by the Compressport stuff that I wear on my quads and calves. I have never got cramps when I wear them (I know, this Sunday I will get cramps), my thighs don't ache like they usually do and I can walk properly the day after an Ironman. I bought them at the EXPO at IMWA and have no idea how one can buy them in Malaysia (go to the internet I suppose).

I was so out of breath after the run that I couldn't really talk with Emma, TSB and Mac (sorry). Emma actually cares very deeply for Triathlon in Malaysia. Its very much in her heart, she thinks about how she can improve things all the time, encourages Triathletes of all levels and if you are really good, she will say come ride with me, lets see how you can improve further. She of course has a wealth of knowledge. I was surprised when she said, she is actually going to reduce her mileage now (but at increased intensities). Lets face it, westeners (like Simon) embrace Triathlon much more than Malaysians do. I have a feeling Emma has something brewing for the benefit of the sport.

Mac is my most favourite person in the world to talk to. He presents things methodolically and gives you graphs and data to shut you up. He does knows things though and is a pleasant person.


Emma said...

December is an age away. I do hope you are doing PD or Desaru :)
Not too sure about my wealth of knowledge I see myself as a sponge absorbing as much I can - I am still learning every day. Having access to some of the most influential triathlon minds in the world is a pretty good place to be in, hence the reason I am more than willing to share experiences to those who want to listen or learn :)

sofiantriathlete said...

Would you be doing Desaru (2 Oct)? I think its one week before Hawaii (9 Oct).
You do have access to great tri minds and you do share it with us willingly. And you have Msian Tri in your heart.

Emma said...

Desaru - training fun, I would like to...wait and see!