Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oops, still about IM China


Yes Juliana Ali, I did cry. Tears did flow uncontrollably as I read all the lovely comments from you and everyone else that morning just before work. I guess I am not used to such adulation.

I think all of us participants know that it is a very emotional day. Up to now, I have never actually shed tears until IM MY 2010. For a week, in the still of each morning as I looked back, I did. And now, IM China too. You asked.......



I have already said she was a very very nice person. Read her blog. How she rested a participant's head on her lap for a good twenty minutes. Now that one you need a tissue box.


Cycling through the ancient chinese village was a once in a lifetime experience

Why I have not "messed" around


Emma said...

I have heard many negative comments about China. But never from this blog. When you race in Asia you take the rough with the smooth. China IS ASIA. It is in the middle of no where - but well put together. I believe there are always more positives that can outweigh the negatives - they are not always easy to identify but they are there. Even in IM MY :)
Lovely photos, I will ride through that village one day !!

plee said...

Nice pics! really like the ones of you and Tip running together!

john cooke said...

great reports , great pictures and a great achievement 3 huge are allowed to cry after that.
Inspired by everything you have done looking forward to meeting up again

sofiantriathlete said...

Ha ha, Thanks John for allowing me to cry. Its been a lovely period.
Take care of yourself. G'day mate.

Abu Soffian said...