Sunday, November 08, 2009

Training Diary - 4 weeks to IMWA

We trust everyone had a good time at the Powerman? KL was empty.
We are modifying our training a little bit. Actually since Putrajaya 70.3 (4 Oct 09), we have only cycled on the road once (on 25 Oct, the actual race day). Well we did test the bike for 7km on 24 Oct. We have instead been cycling on the indoor trainer just about everyday, including the weekends.
So is this the way to go?
Actually I don't know. If the target race is say IM Langkawi, one definitely needs to be training out in the heat the whole day. But what if the target event is say at Perth or Busselton?
Cycling exclusively on the trainer probably does not slow one's cycling time, we have actually proved it when the distance is 80 km. But 180km? We will know on 5 Dec.
There seems to be two real benefits:
1. The perpetual pain in the thighs seems to be totally gone. Thus we can run faster. Reducing our run time for 20 km by more than 40 mins is worth analysing. Leg turnover is faster and smoother. The pain in our feet also seems to be all gone.
2. Weight reduction. People are wondering "who is this new slim person?". Does it mean all this while, my tummy has been just water?
The down side though, for the past two Sundays, we have bonked on the run. Today (4 Nov) was quite bad.
So we shall see on 5 Dec, what happens.
Saturday: 6 hours actual cycling time on the indoor trainer done from 8 am to around 5.40 pm.
Sunday: Bonked very big time. Only the little 8k loop. 1 hr 12 mins.
Monday: Nothing
Tuesday: 70 mins trainer
Wednesday: 80 mins trainer. Swim 2.5km, 50 mins.
Thursday: 60 mins trainer
Friday: 75 mins trainer. Swim 3km, 59 mins


plee said...

Really fascinating! 40 mins off the run time for a 20K certainly points to the TANGIBLE benefits of using the indoor trainer daily!

6hrs on the trainer - I take my hat off to you!!!

sofiantriathlete said...

Hope u have recovered from your injuries. Take care Paul

plee said...

Thanks Sofian! Wounds all dried up and peeled off except for the tiny hole in my knee (becoz I started running again a week after the accident). Did not get back on the bike nor swim for 3 weeks though. But did Powerman last weekend. It was HOT!

sofiantriathlete said...


Chan Jun Shen said...

6 hours on trainer sir?????
thatz impressive and mentally challenging.. see u in IM sir=)

sofiantriathlete said...

OP Chan, not that difficult lah. From 8 am to 5.40 pm with many breaks in between and watch the TV also.
Your bike adventure with the train more interesting ha ha.
See you at IM Msia OP.
Take care