Saturday, November 14, 2009

Training diary - 3 weeks to IMWA

Saturday: 40 mins on trainer. 30 mins company's aerobics. Slept in the afternoon.
Sunday: Complicated run due to loosing the wallet. 1 hr 5 mins to Petronas. 5 min stop. 1 hr 5 min back to Lake Gardens. At this stage my 20 km run totalled 2 hr 15 min. 2 mins water stop (lost the wallet). 26 mins run. 5 mins to reward the "lady mak cik". Resumed running which turned into 16 mins of plodding and a 28 mins walk back to car park. Very nice weather.
2 hrs cycling time on indoor trainer.
Monday: 45 mins trainer
Tuesday: 72 mins trainer
Wednesday: 72 mins trainer. 3.1km swim - 61m 35sec.
Thursday: 70 mins trainer
Friday: 105 mins trainer

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