Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekly training round up

Monday: 56 laps in 58 mins at Bukit jalil (pool whistle blows at 7.20pm, so its a problem to do a long workout).
Tuesday: No training (don't normally sleep well on Mondays)
Wednesday: Nothing/can't remember
Thursday: 60 mins trainer in morning. 40 mins plodding at KLCC park (its a nice place)
Friday: 30 mins trainer
Saturday: 1 hr trainer in morning and 25 mins in evening (spinning - good).
I decided to join a group ride bearing in mind what had happened to our hero Yip.
The ride started at the Batu 14 hall. Many different groups were starting their rides there. My group had Bacin (Leader), Azwar (yes), Azhari, Shaki and me.
It was great to see Azwar who was doing his first ride for a long time. I only found out that the King's children no less took part in the Kids Tri organised by Azwar and friends. Good job. Not sure if his come back is permanent.
The ride had so many stops versus one when I do the loop on my own. But I struggled, perhaps due to the late night at Dr Tan's party.
Distance: 139km
Ride time: 6 hrs 11 mins
Stops: Top of Perez, KK Petronas, Top of Bukit Tangga, Lenggeng, Tekala.
Route: Batu 14, Perez, KK, Broga, Bukit Hantu, Batu 14.

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