Sunday, July 12, 2009

Our Hero

Dr Tan had a party at his home for everyone that chickened out of PD Triathlon to celebrate his safe home coming from the Gobi Desert Race. The same location (Kashgar) has been experiencing ethnic unrest
the past few days.
Dr Tan was in very good spirits, feeling like a million bucks and already looking forward for the next challenge. A box for donations to Hospice was full by the end of the night.
The ladies

Lee Cheewee Hoe (Hawaii Ironman 1990) & Joo Ngan (third in age group, IMMY 2000)
Lim Meng Shiang (my cyling buddy in the early days) & Leong Poh Sun (also my cycling buddy)
Dr has lost weight
In good spirits always
I was wondering why it was not possible to copy the photos on the 4deserts site. They want you to buy the CD for US 150.
Well done Dr Tan, you are our hero.

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