Monday, July 06, 2009

Training resumed


Met up with a number of IM at Batu 14. There was IM Ade Lim, IM Bacin (ride organiser), IM Dicky, IM Azmar and other lesser minions (ha ha).
Unfortunately I was last to the top of Perez and coughing like crazy. With 3 other lesser minions we headed back thru Tekala Hill, only 53 km.
When I reached home, I had such a huge guilty feeling, as I wasn't tired.
Since I was a bad boy the previous day, I had to make up.
Unfortunately it was raining quite heavily at Batu 18. So I drove back home thinking of the excuses to give the wife. Going down Ampang Hill, thats when I saw MY HERO (YIP) blazing up Ampang Hill with a small ruck sack on his back. From reading his blog, I knew he was going to do the 340km ride. So I had to turn back to Batu 18, the rain had stopped. Our hero I saw went to Tekala Hill (Bukit Hantu). Tell me do you know anyone that starts his 340km with Ampang and Bukit Hantu Hills as warm up. Words can't do justice, just like MJ (RIP).
The weather was absolutely perfect for a long ride. Saw YIP (I startled him) just after the T junction.
Mr Chan's group overtook me, calling my name. I couldn't even see who it was. They had a support car. They turned around at the Semenyih junction. They all greeted and applauded me as I headed on, Triathletes bonding..
Going up Bukit Tangga, the Malaysian Team came by calling me Encik Sofian. They have always been well mannered.
Cycling time: 6hr 29 mins vs 6 hr 8mins on a good day (guess I have not been cycling).
Distance: 137km
Fuel: 3 power gels, corn, raisins
Seat position: High, I think I got the right position now. Knee actually got better.
Told the bike shop, there was a sound. Pls service. The service came to RM1,745.
YIP - the details:
New fork (RM650). The bearings for the previous headset had worn out. They don't make those old size bearings any more, you have to buy a whole new fork they told me.
New Handle bar (RM650). I had the old handle bars only a few months but my excessive sweating caused the bars (on the right only) to oxidise or something. There were holes in the bar. To remedy, must always remove the handle bar tape and clean or wear a wrist guard so the sweat doesn't go to the bars.
New rear derailleur ultegra (RM200). I was delaying the change, so no complaints here.
New brake pads and cable (RM100). Important.
Servicing charge (RM100). He did a thorough job, OK.
Then yesterday the front tyre punctured. New tyre and tube.
All the best with your service Yip.


plee said...

Good to know you r recovering! I just heard from Shazly that IM Putrajaya is off!! A bit devastatinglah!

kev said...

Wah you service bike or you bought another half bike?

Good to hear that you're back on track. Slowly lah, important to get well first. IMWA is still a long time from now.

Anonymous said...

Plee.. The next thing i heard that its back ON. Pls call Lyn to clerify.

OP Soffian, can i have your hp number? need to make arrangements to pass you your album lah. Can you email me your hp number..? thx


sofiantriathlete said...

Thank you for your well wishes. IM 70.3 is on.
Kev, thanks for your good thoughts.
Shazly, I will e-mail u.

yipwt said...


broga is good enough...btw how come yr bike service is so high?

I am expecting 300+ for mine..:(