Sunday, February 01, 2009

Four Weeks to Langkawi

Saturday - just 41 mins on the trainer in the morning. The previous night went to Mrs Joo Ngan birthday party.

SUNDAY - Broga loop from Pekan Batu 18.
Cycling wise, I am definitely more lazy now compared with before Busselton. Don't matter.
I did exactly the same ride on 1 Jan 09 and one week ago. My cycling time is actually a bit slower, well you reap what you sow.
Distance: 136.76km
Average speed: 22.0km/hr versus 22.2km/hr on 1 Jan
Cycling time: 6 hrs 14 min versus 6 hrs 8 min
Total time away: 6 hrs 33 min versus 6 hrs 22 min.
Stoppage time: 19 mins versus 14 mins at Petronas Kuala Kelawang
A motley group of cyclist (including Ironman Kannan, Adly, some other very strong cyclists, Mac? etc started just before me from the river near Pekan Batu 18. I didn't park with them as I ride alone).
IM OP Shahzly, OP Nadzim Manan will be doing the photography at Langkawi IM. Their photos are very good. Its like RM450 for 20 A4 pics in an album.
Well anyway they were snapping me away around the Semenyih Dam area (I'm sure the pictures would be very good since they didn't get my good looks). The motley group had taken a water stop at the Tekala rest area. I kept going, they blew by me aroung Nottingham University. They stopped at Lenggeng but I kept going till Petronas KK. Even after a 19 mins stop, they were not to be seen. I proceeded back to Pekan Batu 18. I wonder what happened to them?
MONDAY - 30 mins on trainer
TUESDAY - 58 mins on trainer
WEDNESDAY - 41 mins on trainer in the morning. 2km swim at Shah Alam after work with paddles. 37 mins 16 secs
THURSDAY - 31 mins on trainer in the morning.
FRIDAY - 40 mins trainer


shazly khan said...

Sorry sir, let me correct you..

its unlimited photos.. not 20 A4 photos..

and we will design a nice 20pages hard covered photobook with all the best photos/memories in it!

we will also give u a copy of all the photos taken in a CD..

shazly khan said...

sofiantriathlete said...

thanks for the clarification