Sunday, January 25, 2009

Five weeks to Langkawi

Wow its getting close.

Working day. 45 mins on the trainer in the morning. Then 49 mins lunch time swim at PADE. They have sorted out the plumbing for now.

Sunday - a funny sort of day.
My motivation for Langkawi is not as strong as for Busselton. Whilst for Busselton, I had no problem training on my own, but Langkawi is a different kettle of fish. I seem to need company to train with. I didn't know what the others were doing but I turned up at Batu 18 at 7.30 am. Many swank cyclists' cars there, a group had left. I was thinking of excuses to tell the wife why I was not cycling (how pathetic I am) but then saw OP IM Shazly. He said the LeTuangers had left 30 mins ago doing the Broga loop. That was enough motivation for me, "I gave chase".
I didn't catch them. They were not at Lenggeng or at Petronas KK. They were not even at the car park by the time I got back. It don't matter, I got my ride in.
137 km. 6hrs 22 min cycling time. 21.9km/hr average. I only stopped for 10 mins at Petronas Kuala Kelawang. I left Batu 18 around 7.38 am and got back at 2.11 pm. No sun, so I didn't faint this time. Wonder what I will do tmw?
Monday - Happy Chinese New Year
HOA to Genting Sempah and back. 30 km thats all I had energy for.
There was Adzim and his friend, Faisal both doing Ironman Langkawi. A couple. Three LeTuangers going to do the Bentong, Gap, Ulu Yam loop I think.
Tuesday - 20 km run Lake Gardens to Hartamas Petronas
The car park was quite empty. The runners that I saw on the road were: Goh Chin Aun and a white lady, Bee Lian and a guy, Wendy Wong running with the top Moroccan (I think), Sam Pritchard and a slim Mun and Kona Carmen, a chinese lady that I drafted until she turned left at the double hill, two other guys ---thats all. So I got the whole road to myself Ha Ha.
- 1 hr 7 mins to Petronas (includes giving directions to a motorist - I hate it when motorists ask for directions.. they think we have nothing to do).
- 4 mins stop at Petronas. That small "Cool Rhino" water costs RM2.80!
- 1 hr 7 min back.
Total 2 hr 18 min. Actually thats a "total" PB. Ha Ha. Previous PB
Wednesday - rest
Thursday - 45 mins trainer
Friday - 41 mins trainer (evening was open house at Joo Ngan's house)

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