Monday, June 06, 2005


Supposed to work out in the morning but slept. Took wife to Pudu Market.

Did my first aquarobics with Mr Praba. It was from 1 pm to 2 pm at a small Bandaraya pool near Kg Kerinchi right beside an LRT station there. I though I knew all the pools in KL.
I have utmost respect for Praba. He is fit. Doesn't have a tummy, very very unusual. Treats everyone very well. Some of the participants have life threatening injuries.

We wear a strap around our waist which keeps us afloat. We do things like sprinting in the water, pushing our hands against the water etc. Some of it was quite tough, but in the end one hour was a bit short.

Did my third treatment with Praba. Ulrasound, electrotheraphy and aquarobics came to RM30. I feel very comfortable with Mr Praba, he touches your injury (being a physio).
Alas I don't think the injury will easily go away. One day after treatment, the lump in the heel comes back.

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