Monday, May 30, 2005

Sunday - party time

It was Ulu Yam Bahru to Frasers Gap and back.
4 hours, 98 km.
Group comprised Chew, Loong and me.

I think this is the first time I drove a car somewhere to start cycling. We met at Ulu Yam Bharu at 7.30 a.m.
The Dam looks beautiful. It was still early morning, misty, the overlapping hills, lake, large trees was magnificient.

At the bottom, Chew and Loong left me. We overtook a couple who were taking their time. One guy on a MTB and wearing T shirt zoomed by me. Then a white guy on a MTB. After one hr and 10 mins of climbing, another guy came along. "Everyone is overtaking me, I told him". I was averaging about 15km or 16km/hr then. I know I'm slow. He said his name was "Cippo". I've heard that name many times but never met the person. We were slugging it out. He said he had already bonked, so I knew I had a chance. I have never been so fast. I beat him. About 1km to go, he gave up. 1 hr 38 mins was my time. Normally its longer because I would start from home.

Going down a tall white guy blew by us. His downhill was excellent, but uphill he struggled a bit. Lets go for it. He overtook Loong and Chew and I finally overtook all three of them. The last winding bit, he was fast. I chickened and gave up.

After Batang Kali it started to rain. Its OK. Chew graciuosly offered us an expensive meal as Liverpool had won the Cup. I thanked him but had to decline as the wife would be waiting.

It was a good ride again.

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