Saturday, May 11, 2013

Doha Diamond League (10 May 2013)

The Samsung Diamond League is top level Athletics especially designed for world wide television. Unlike say the Olympics or the Commonwealth Games, where the Athletics program can stretch for more than one week, in the Diamond League, about a dozen Finals are held and completed within about three hours.
There are no heats, medal presentations, lengthy introductions etc. Everything moves with clockwork precision for live world wide TV viewing. Only top athletes take part, many are reigning Olympic Champions, World Champions, World Record holders etc.  
In the big events, it would be impossible for the fans to get close to the athletes. But in Doha, there is a way. You could pat every single athlete if you wished.
The trick is to get "Finish Line" tickets and not the more expensive VIP tickets. Once an event finishes, all athletes have to pass a narrow passage way right in front of the Finish Line seats. All the children and adult fans waited by the passage way. The "Security" people don't obstruct you because Doha in general has no crime. The Athletes were also very happy to give their race numbers, sign autographs, take pictures even chat with children at length.
So if you were an Athletics' Groupie, this was paradise. You could take their pictures up close, pose with them, maybe have a short chat. I wanted to see Allyson Felix again like last year ha ha.
Unfortunately, for the first time in about ten visits, Ms Felix only came second and she didn't pose for pictures with the fans, unlike last year.
But this year was even better than last year, I got pictures with Lord Sebastion Coe, Sergey Bubka, Nesta Carter, Michael Tinsley and took pictures of numerous World Record holders, Olympic Champions, European Champion etc This was it....
Lord Sebastion Coe
Sergey Bubka - broke the World Pole Vault record 35 times

Michael Tinsley - Silver 400m Hurdles London Olympics

Sandra Perkovic - Discuss Champion

Jackson USA. 2nd 400m Hurdles

David Rudisha about to start 800m

Well, David Rudisha won

200m won by Shelly Ann Fraser

My favourite Myriam Samoure, 3rd 200m

Shelly Ann Fraser

Kiprop, 1500m champion

100m hurdles

Lolo Jones

Veronica Borsi, Italy

Justin Gatlin won the 100m

Nesta Carter, third. 9.99 secs

Kim Collins - Fourth

Michael Rodgers 2nd 100m

Allyson Felix 2nd 400m

Javelin (3rd)  ANDREAS from Norway

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