Thursday, October 13, 2011


Night and Day you supported us when it took me all of 17 hours to finish my race. I'm not sure why you addressed me as "sir" all these years. Did you go running this morning to be like me, when life took you away.

You were one of the first to treat me and Tip a farewell lunch, and a sumptuous one at that. You didn't mind when I only reciprocated with a simple "set lunch" at the same venue. Someone at the farewell lunch asked me "who is he, he is a heavyweight". But I knew who you were, the goodness of your heart, how nice you have been to me all these years, the utmost respect you have been giving me. "He finished last at the Newton run you know, can you do it?", I replied.

I love you so very much. It is so unfair. Al-Fatihah



June Malik said...

al-fathihah. he will be dearly missed by many.

sofiantriathlete said...

Yes June

Izrin said...

I am so touched with this entry. Al Fatihah.

Richard said...

Gosh, human is so fragile. I just chat with him at Sofian's farewell lunch. Everything seems okay and I felt like it was just yesterday.

And now he is gone. My condolence to TSB family :(