Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Farewells

TSB (far left), I love you very very much R.I.P.

With the "Gold Coast Marathon Group" at Mum's Place, DP. Marmee, Yin Yin and Roy Yeow

Had many dinners with Richard's family at Jaya One

Claris, Alyssa,Tip and Vynessa. (I know the spelling is wrong.)

I studied (or did not study) at Oxford Poly in 1979. What a surprise when they came together from near and far to give us a farewell dinner

Mac telling us everything about IPhone 4

Nancy (oops Datin actually), our bike shop since 1989

After the last run at Bulit Aman. Funnily it was only the Double Hill route.


Betty, Tip's walking partner

At My Elephant with Sam Pritchard, Carmen Leong, Lesley Tan, Chris Khrang and Ong Siok Bee. Thanks guys.

Dr Tan (still not well) and Dr Jenny and Datuk Ng Joo Ngan

Till the next time, take care

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