Sunday, May 08, 2011

Nice weekend

Cort and Sandy's farewell


On saturday night it was the farewell dinner for Cort Prois, Sandy and their daughter Madison. I first "heard" Sandy during the infamous Putrajaya 70.3 in 2009. She has the loudest cheering voice I have ever heard and she can keep it up the whole day. She is a very lovely and friendly person of course.

Cort is one the best triathletes ever in Malaysia, qualifying for Hawaii and doing very well there. Races in common we did included IMWA 2009, IM MY 2010, PD 2010, Putrajaya 70.3 etc.

Tip made "mango sticky rice" for everyone that came, it was delicious. The dinner was at My Elephant which is just two roads away from the Petronas that we run to every sunday.


I know I have put on weight as for the last two weeks I have been eating Asian food instead of the food bars my wife makes. Simon Cross politely pointed it out to me. He is correct of course.

The first 20 km was done with John Tan, Lee Voon Khow and Tan Seow Ping. I couldn't keep up with any of them (Seow Ping did 30 km the previous day, wow).

Saw the Bomba runners, many familiar faces there (Dannie, Irwan, Yim Heng Fatt, Yin Yin etc).

The people going for Ironman China (May 29) and the Cairns Challenge on 3 June (Ironman) were all training in earnest. They are going to do well. (Simon, Richard, KK Lee, Siok Bee, Carmen, Chris Khrang, Jason Thiang etc).

I knew I needed the mileage, so I then did double hill (10.8km). Ran with Dzul Aminuddin part of the way (he is good). The Bomba aid stations were still there. The kind Bomba people gave me water, thank you kind Bomba people. Its just nice when people show kindness to others.

Sunday's lunch was with mum, being Mother's Day, so lots of love floating around. Tip made cheesecake for everyone.

Thus a good weekend.


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