Sunday, May 15, 2011

Alma mater dinner

Dr Nordin "I made my first million at 30". Again he paid for everyone (thank you)
The Chief of the Royal Malaysian Navy. Tan Sri Aziz Jaafar
Chief of the Royal Malaysian Air Force
Zaki, my company mate. Hasn't changed a bit
Salehuddin Ariffin, my company mate (he has grown sideways)
Yusseri Yusof, my company mate
Shahar Shah, my class mate
Leng Teng Hoe G Coy
Roslan, my classmate
Ghazali Hashim, MAFIA
Whilst my wife went to see this belly dance show. I wasn't allowed to go

Runners, PAC members, cyclists, triathletes have great camaradarie. Indeed these people have been my only friends since I took up running in 1984.

The camaradarie of my alma mater is also something else. The gathering on 13 May 2011 was attended by the Chief (and deputy chief) of the Navy, Chief of the Air Force, Dr Nordin Ahmad (a top rugby player and boxer those days) who paid the bill for everyone again, Vice Chancellor of UPM, Chief Judge of Malaysia, President of Oil & Gas, Tycoons, Chief Vet, Minister, opposition MP, top civil servants, all sorts of big wigs and nobodies like me.

Titles were dispensed with, everyone was just one of the boys. Our wives were not there so raunchy stories were flowing non stop. Our college is multi-racial. Proceedings were conducted totally in English.

It was an amazing dinner. So much camaradarie, bonding, remeniscing of our times in College. Only if you were there would you appreciate the stories.

I have nothing against civilians, who are actually much nicer and gentler folks than us lot.

The downside was I missed my morning training the next day.


Did my longest ever training run. About 32.5 km in 3 hrs 31 mins. Couldn't swim after though.


OP Chan Jun Shen said...

nice gathering sir. my time will come=)u actually touched the Chief of Navy, i'm so impressed. haha i dare not even go close to him.

sofiantriathlete said...

OP Chan, your time will definitely come, we are proud of your achievements.

Do you know YBhg Tan Sri calls all his seniors Sir, even in the presence of other dignitaries. Amazing..

Take care