Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week's round up

Last week's Bareno run was a debacle. I skipped the normal Sunday afternoon swim and all training on Monday. I hope I have understood the mistakes I made.

Tuesday to Friday, I did my customary bricks at home every morning.

On Saturday, I thought it was time to ride on the road. It didn't seem right that all my cycling was done in front of the tele. Facebook is good, I told "the whole world" of my solo ride. I was genuinely worried as the last time I went on the road was during IMWA in Dec.

Surprisingly, the bicycle was still in good condition. It doesn't need a service before Koh Samui I reckon. Initially all the traffic made me disoriented, but it was pretty quiet after Semenyih town.

The route was my standard time trial route: Pekan Batu 18 - Semenyih - KK - Titi and back to Batu 18. 136.6 km.

Going up Lenggeng Hill, Elaine Wong Kar Yan and four bodyguards (Vong, Shawn, Roy and Johnnie) caught up with me. We had a good chat about the Sultan's Birthday Ride that she organised on the same route, but I still did my own ride as I wanted to know how much my cycling "had deteriorated".

There was no sun at all. It was even misty going up the normally burning hot Bukit Tangga.

Vong and Elaine at the Petronas (Kuala Kelawang). Vong is the perfect gentlemen, he shadowed the lady the whole way

We all got back safely (phew). It was a surprise that we parked our cars close to each other.

Ride stats:

136.6 km. Started at 7.11 am, back at the car at 1.15 pm. I was only away 6 hrs 4 min (a PB). Cycling time was 5hrs 49 min (PB). Only one stop at the Petronas (15 min). Ave 23.5km/hr (PB).

I am surprised just by spinning on the trainer in the mornings for months now, I could pull off a PB. I guess we are always learning. Could I run on Sunday though??


Ran with IM AJ. John (who gave us pastries - thank you Wai Mun) went ahead. I took it easy, long chats with anyone, long stop at Petronas to load up on the steroids there.

Surprisingly made it to Petronas in reasonable time and back to the car park in reasonable time too (2 hrs 5 mins). So I went for another 8km alone.

RUN STATS: 28 km in 3 hrs 8 mins. Not a PB but I was very happy with it.

Then did a 20 min afternoon swim. Thats it, I'm done for the week.

The Japanese: I am impressed, there is no looting there. The only time I have been there (1992), we all left our Tri Bikes outside whilst everyone went in the hall. Initially the only person "guarding" the bicycles was one of us Malaysians. Then he also went in the hall as we realised in Japan, people don't take things.

Next Week: I have to be on duty from 8.30 am to 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday at a far away location. So I am definitely not going to Lake Gardens. Bummer.

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